Lindsay's Prescription Drug of Choice is Stronger Than Morphine

July 7, 2010 By:
Lindsay's Prescription Drug of Choice is Stronger Than Morphine

Lindsay Lohan's prescription drug habit may be worse than we originally thought!

We already knew she had a prescription, and perhaps addiction, to Adderall and Ambien, but according to TMZ, Lindsay has been taking Dilaudid--an extremely powerful painkiller often compared to morphine and even heroin.

Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90 Days in Jail!

According to TMZ, a doctor wrote the prescription after Lindsay's recent dental surgery and since it's prescribed, she's not in violation by taking it.

She's subject to drug testing before she surrenders herself on July 20th, but a cocktail of prescription drugs will keep her in the clear.

In other Lindsay news, she's reportedly freaking out about being sent to jail and friends are worried about what she may do to herself in the next two weeks.

Lindsay Hit With New Lawsuit While in Court

If she falls off the wagon before she surrenders herself, she'll face more jail time. The judge refused to let her take off her SCRAM bracelet so for her sake we really hope she doesn't slip and start drinking again.

Are you happy with the judge's decision to give Lindsay jail time? Is 90 days enough?