Lindsay's Night of Wild Sex In Italy

January 6, 2008 By:
Lindsay's Night of Wild Sex In Italy

Man-eater Lindsay Lohan needs to be more careful who she sleeps with, all her ex's run to the tabloids in hopes of making a quick buck. Come to think of it, that sounds like something Lindsay would do.

Remember the trio of men that Lohan hooked up with while in Italy? Well one of them got lucky with the actress and now he's revealing the details of their hookup.

Alessandro di Nunzio spoke to the News of the World about his time in between the sheets with Miss. Lohan.

"She stripped off completely naked, without any embarrassment at all. Naked. She was wearing mismatched underwear — a black bra with emerald-green French knickers. But they came off, too. Naked, she took my breath away. Lindsay is stunning. Her body is absolutely perfect. Flawless."

He continued, "Lindsay was very, very good and surprisingly experienced. She wanted to do everything, every position. She was extremely flexible and adventurous," he said.

I thought it was funny that he said she was "surprisingly experienced." Practice makes perfect honey...and Lohan likes to practice! Lohan's ex Riley Giles has also run to the press after he was dumped and labeled La Lohan a 'nymphomaniac."

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"She beckoned me to come over... She introduced herself as Lindsay. It was only at the end of our conversation I suddenly clicked I was talking to Lindsay Lohan. I almost collapsed," he said. She asked him to dinner. "Then she invited me to a couple of clubs with her two friends, despite her recent troubles she was downing alcohol, vodka cranberry and vodka soda."

"All of a sudden, she pressed up close, looked me in the eyes and asked if she could kiss me. It was a strange role-reversal and it took me aback... We did nothing but kiss in the club after that. She didn't care who was watching."

"I never imagined in my wildest dreams we would end up in bed. We spent a long time talking, lying side by side on top of her bed," he divulged. "She told me about her problems with drugs and alcohol. She said she was trying to get over them and that she'd spent time in a rehab clinic but didn't want to talk too much about that."

"She had an all-over golden tan and a few tattoos. On her right wrist was the word Breathe. She joked it was to remind her to keep breathing. That made me think she was pretty fragile… After boldly taking her clothes off she dived under the covers... I was shocked she had made the first move — it took a while for me to realize I was supposed to take my clothes too... I took off my clothes and we started to make love. And then it was just like two ordinary people making love. It was very passionate and intense and lasted for 1 hours, maybe more."

"She kept telling me she liked me because I was 'a good boy' — I don't smoke or take drugs. She said she was falling for me, she liked me... She adored kissing and never wanted to stop — no matter what we were doing. We had safe sex, and afterwards she cuddled up to me and we went to sleep."