Lindsay's New Lawyer Quits Her Too!

July 20, 2010 By:
Lindsay's New Lawyer Quits Her Too!

Lindsay's lawyer Robert Shapiro gave up on her too! According to TMZ, Shapiro went to the judges chamber late Monday afternoon to inform the judge that he would not be representing Lilo in court on Tuesday when she surrenders herself.

Last week, Shapiro publicly announced that he would be representing Lindsay Lohan as long as she agreed to go to jail and listened to him. Clearly, she did not because he quit her ass too!

Lindsay was staying at Robert Shapiro's Pickford Lofts, a sober-living house founded by Shapiro after he lost his son Brent to a drug overdose in 2005.

Lindsay must have acted like the brat she is and he was not having it! Her assistant was seen moving out her stuff Monday morning.