Lindsay's New Lawyer Is A "Con Man"

January 15, 2013 By:
Lindsay's New Lawyer Is A
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So Lindsay Lohan has just made a string of bad decisions.

Lindsay fired her long-term lawyer Shawn Holley just hours before Shawn was to negotiate a sweet plea deal that would keep Lindsay out of jail IF she went to rehab for six months. Too bad Lindsay dumped her and went with new lawyer Mark Heller, who may or may not be a “con man.”

“The judge was going to dismiss both of her cases if she agreed to check into rehab,” Michael Lohan tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

“Shawn Holley was literally on the way to court in the car when [Heller] faxed her saying to turn around and that Lindsay has decided to go with him from now on. She had to turn around when this was almost going to be over and was designed to help Lindsay. Heller is a con-man. He cannot even practice in the state of California.”

Uhh, what? Did Lindsay know this? 

Not only that, but Michael confirmed those rumors that LiLo guzzling a handle of vodka a day is totally true!

“Lindsay is drinking a bottle of vodka every day,” Michael tells us, “You cannot drink that and beat it without help. You NEED a hard detox followed by medically supervised people.”

Michael is obviously very pro-rehab for Lindsay, or so he seems.

He’s told us in the past that as soon as Lindz wants to lose her addictions, Papa Lohan will pay for all of it.