Lindsay's Hotel Room Buddy Getting Grilled by Cops

January 7, 2011 By:
Lindsay's Hotel Room Buddy Getting Grilled by Cops

Lindsay Lohan sure had a lot of freedom during her last few weeks at Betty Ford.

The night of the rehab employee confrontation, she reportedly spent hours in a hotel room with one of her male friends, Adam Case, a fellow Betty Ford patient.

They both claim she was getting her hair colored, but who really knows what went down behind closed doors.

The attention whores at the Palm Desert police department are determined to put Lindsay behind bars again and have been grilling her male friend hoping he'll sell her out.

According to TMZ, cops got a statement from Adam the night of the incident, and he sided squarely with Lindsay. Dissatisfied, cops went back to him the next day and grilled him again, to no avail.

As if that wasn't enough, he went after him a few days later and grilled him again about whether or not Lindsay consumed any alcohol in the hotel room. He swears she didn't.

Both Lindsay and Adam claim she spent an hour and a half getting her hair colored then they just hung out with a few friends in the room before returning to Betty Ford.

I'm sorry but don't these fools have anything better to do with their time?! Lindsay's probation has absolutely nothing to do with them and yet they're wasting taxpayer’s money on the investigation. It’s ridiculous!