Lindsay's Friends: She's Out of Control!

July 16, 2010 By:
Lindsay's Friends: She's Out of Control!

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly freaking out about her upcoming jail sentence and can't handle being in a sober house. Basically, she's having party withdrawals.

She's doing what she does best--playing the victim and of course is blaming everyone else for her misery.

“She’s out of control. She ignored everyone’s advice to
keep quiet and not wind up the court by Tweeting about how victimized she feels,” a source told Britain’s Now magazine.

“We’re all concerned about her emotional state — she’s being reckless. She’s convinced that she’s being made an example of and her friends are worried she’ll throw in the towel on the whole sobriety thing now.”

Sadly, Lindsay probably doesn't even think she has a problem and just feels like everyone is out to get her. Always playing the victim!

The last few times she was in rehab she referred to it as a "vacation" and claimed she did it out of obligation...wonder if it'll be different this time. Doubt it.