Lindsay's Ex is Worried About Her

June 16, 2010 By:
Lindsay's Ex is Worried About Her

Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriend is worried about her and is speaking up about it!

Lindsay Lohan in Breakdown Mode

Wilmer Valderrama dated Lindsay back in 2003 when she was still an innocent young girl. But lots has changed in seven years, and Valderrama probably never envisioned his ex-girlfriend’s life turning out the way it did.

Lindsay Lohan vs. Los Angeles

In a new interview with Us Magazine, Wilmer says he hopes that Lohan will stop pretending that she’s fine, and seeks professional help from a therapist. "It troubles me,” Valderrama says of Lindsay’s recent legal troubles.

He adds, “There's nothing anyone can say anymore. Someone has to want to get better."

Wow, guess sometimes the truth hurts. What’s sad is that it’s clear Wilmer isn’t even judging Lindsay—he’s genuinely hoping she helps herself. It’s just a matter of Lindsay actually realizing the world isn’t against her, and that everyone loves a good Hollywood comeback!