Lindsay's Dad to Judge: Force Her Into Rehab!

May 10, 2010 By:
Lindsay's Dad to Judge: Force Her Into Rehab!

We all agree that Lindsay Lohan is on a downward spiral and needs professional help, but her father Michael Lohan is urging the judge not to send her to the slammer.

He thinks she should be ordered into rehab instead of the pokey. And we agree!

Lindsay: Problem, What Problem?

"Lindsay does NOT belong in jail. It will only hurt her. It will kill me and destroy Lindsay if the judge and DA give her jail time," Michael told Hollyscoop EXCLUSIVELY.

He continued, "I have been in Lindsay's position myself and jail did NOT help, God and serious rehabilitation did."

According to TMZ, Michael sent the judge a letter asking that she sends Lindsay to rehab and requires random drug testing.

And if the judge refuses to send her to rehab, he wants her probation extended on top of random drug testing.

While Michael has the right idea, Lindsay never seems to get punished for breaking the law. She only served one day in jail after getting three DUI's before she was even legally old enough to drink. It's high time Lindsay pays for breaking the law.