Lindsay's Dad Think She's a Bad Role Model for Younger Sister

October 16, 2009 By:
Lindsay's Dad Think She's a Bad Role Model for Younger Sister

If you thought Michael Lohan was done talking about what a mess his daughter Lindsay Lohan has become, think again. And this time he's getting her younger sister Ali involved too.

Michael is convinced that Lindsay is a horrible role model for her 15 year old sister Ali Lohan and that she's leading her down the same "destructive" path.

Michael told RadarOnline: “Lindsay’s leaning on Ali right now. Do you think that’s good? Leaning on your 15-year-old sister? Absolutely I think Ali’s following the same path!”

And Michael mostly blames Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan for her personal problems.

He explained: “The biggest argument I had with Dina was when she allowed Lindsay to go to California by herself at age 17 and live with another girl. I was totally against it. Dina wasn’t listening to a word I said. That’s when we broke up. Lindsay was living out there with a 19-year-old girl and everything went haywire.”

Michael Lohan may get a lot of heat from the media for being an attention seeker, but talking about Lindsay and her problems has worked. Lindsay is due in court later today for a progress report following her 2007 DUI.

Someone needs to intervene and get this girl cleaned up, and it's clear that it's not going to be Dina Lohan. Team Michael all the way.