Lindsay's Dad Rushed to Hospital

February 1, 2011 By:
Lindsay's Dad Rushed to Hospital

Michael Lohan was rushed to the hospital yesterday and it didn't have to do with a smack down with Dina Lohan.

Michael, who was visiting his doctor, had very high blood pressure, which led to them calling the paramedics to transport him directly to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

It turns out that he needed emergency surgery on a blocked artery.

Michael has had a rough year as he has been screaming and shouting for Lindsay to get help. She finally did get help and the two have reunited. He has also revealed that he's been financially supporting his daughter.

He said: “She is doing great. She is taking it easy and just doing things in her own way. I am supporting her with a lot of money!

“As long as she stays around the same people she is with now. She hasn't been going out anywhere. She has been staying at home, cooking her own meals, going to the gym."

Michael has been spotted at Lindsay's house multiple times and I'm sure Dina is not happy about it.