Lindsay's Cry For Help

April 25, 2009 By:
Lindsay's Cry For Help

Lindsay Lohan is disappearing before our very eyes--literally! Following her very public breakup with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay has gone from slim to disturbingly skinny.

Lindsay's "friends," claim she's skipping meals and is trying to look like a "tortured artist" on purpose in order to get some attention from Sam.

"She is a self-destructive person," says a source close to Lohan. "It's all part of her cry for attention. She wants Sam [Ronson, her ex-girlfriend] to see how bad she's hurting and she wants Hollywood to see her as a 'tortured artist' who is wasting away," reports People.

"This is a symptom of something much bigger – a desperate need to be noticed," added the source.

Her cry for help may have worked temporarily as Lohan was spotted arriving at Sam's house on Thursday night and didn't leave for six hours. But she left smiling, which means she most likely got what she went there for: reconciliation.

It's just sad that kids still look up to her and she knows every step she takes is going to be up in the press and she uses that her to her advantage, but in a really negative way.