Lindsay's Cell Block Full of Murderers

July 22, 2010 By:
Lindsay's Cell Block Full of Murderers

Earlier today there were reports that Lindsay Lohan was being given preferential treatment behind bars. But now we hear that’s not the case—sources tell People that she’s being held in isolation in a cell block full of felons.

"She is in a cell block with people who have been convicted of dangerous felonies – murderers – and of course, she wants to get out," the source tells People. "She is not getting any special treatment of any kind ... She's behind glass [in the visiting area], and her family and friends can't touch her."

As for her father Michael Lohan, Lindsay is apparently prohibiting him from seeing her. "No one at the jail will even tell her that he's there, if he does come. He will not be visiting her," the source says.

Dina Lohan and Lindsay’s sister Ali have visited her, however, and are reportedly “devastated.”

"Their faith is keeping them strong," the friend says. "Their faith and the thought that this is going to be over soon and that Lindsay is going to be okay."

It may seem like it’s going to last forever, but Lindsay can look forward to her sentence most likely being cut short. Sources say she’ll likely only serve two weeks of her 90-day sentence.

Sounds pretty scary, but everyone can learn a lesson here that no one is above the law! Lindsay lived recklessly prior to being put in jail, and hopefully this will open her eyes.