Lindsay's Been Robbed of Her Money and Dignity

April 19, 2010 By:
Lindsay's Been Robbed of Her Money and Dignity

Lindsay Lohan has dug herself into a hole so deep, it's unlikely she'll see the light of day anytime soon. Not only is her career in the crapper, she's over half a million dollars in debt.

There was a time when Lindsay was on top of the world, she had a movie career, a record deal and was getting paid a ton just to show up to events. But those days are long gone and her father is concerned about what's going to happen to her when she finally gets a reality check.

Lindsay Lohan Owes Half a Million in Credit Card Debt

Speaking about Lindsay's dire situation, Michael Lohan tells HOLLYSCOOP exclusively, "Lindsay had virtually everything in the world going for her, when Dina and I were together and while Lindsay listened to me, until Dina and I divorced and Dina put a new "team" in place that literally robbed Lindsay of her money, career, jewelry, dignity and spirituality.

He continued, “My cousin, Craig Hetherington, put a $4 million check on the table for Dina and Lindsay to develop her career, offered to pay for rehab, help finance our home and so much more, but Dina blew everything!”

Michael admits that he's been kept in the dark about Lindsay's personal finances, but he's still really worried about her. He tells Hollyscoop, "Yet while I don't know Lindsay's finances and don't want to be any part of it, what concerns me is, what is this kid going to do, where will she turn and how will it effect her, IF she does go broke?"

Lindsay Parties til 4:30AM; Can't Wait Straight

He continued, "I have said all along, what God gives, he will take away, and where there is much given, there is much expected! I commended Lindsay for her work with Human Trafficking, Haiti and all the charity work she USED to do when I was around. Maybe, if she focuses on getting help, turning her life around and "resurrecting her life and career,” with the right people, places and things, God will afford her the life he wants for her!

Lindsay's such a hot mess she probably doesn't even understand how much trouble she's in. She refuses to get help and clean up her act. Instead of taking care of her issues, Lindsay was reportedly "wasted" at Coachella all weekend. How long do you guys think it'll be before she gets a bad reality check?