Lindsay Won't Get the Britney Treatment

May 6, 2010 By:
Lindsay Won't Get the Britney Treatment

Lindsay Lohan seems to be in the clear right now--legally and from her father Michael Lohan.

Yesterday, Michael threatened that if he wasn't able to get into contact with his daughter on Wednesday of this week, he'd move forward with trying to gain a conservatorship over her.

But Michael has backed off his threat for now. According to TMZ, Michael's Lawyer, Lisa Bloom, had a phone conversation last night with Shawn Chapman Holley, Lindsay's lawyer. Surprisingly, the lawyers are trying to resolve the conflict on their own, rather than Michael taking legal action.

As for Lindsay's legal woes, she's due back in court on May 20 for her DUI probation hearing. Lindsay has reportedly violated the terms of her probation by not attending the required number of alcohol ed classes and the judge has already said in previous court hearings -- if Lindsay violates probation, she's going to prison.

But for now, the party continues. The cameras caught Lindsay out partying until 2:30AM at Las Palmas in West Hollywood. When asked how her deposition went earlier this week, she said it was "good, thank you."

Seriously, it's getting out of hand. Is it really that hard to stay in just one night??? We know it was Cinco de Mayo but please Lindsay. Even the bouncers are getting sick of seeing you this much.