Lindsay Won't Fight Judge on Failed Drug Test

October 6, 2010 By:
Lindsay Won't Fight Judge on Failed Drug Test

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly finally going to own up to being a drug addict.

According to, Lindsay has no plans to defend herself against her failed drug test last month.

“Lindsay won't be fighting the probation violation for her dirty drug test. Her lawyer won't be putting on any witnesses,” said a source.

“In a sense it won't be a probation violation hearing, because Lindsay isn't fighting it,” our source said. “It's up to Judge Fox what the punishment should be.”

Since Lohan is currently in rehab, there’s a chance she won’t be required to attend her own hearing on October 22. "It's common for people that are in rehab facing the same situation to not appear in court, and remain in rehab," the source said. "This is a real possibility for Lindsay. It will be up to Judge Fox if Lindsay is required to attend. If ordered to appear, Lindsay will be there."

Insiders say Lindsay is adjusting to life at Betty Ford. Sources say she "is adjusting well" and "seems to doing well in the environment."

Can fifth time be the charm???