Lindsay Wants You to Rock the Vote

November 4, 2008 By:
Lindsay Wants You to Rock the Vote

Up until now, Lindsay Lohan has been pretty quiet when it comes to the world of politics and Hollywood.

Last night, via her personal blog, Lindsay decided to let everyone know that she wants people to get out there and vote in the presidential election on Myspace Celebrity.

With a little smiley face for Obama, it’s pretty clear which candidate she'll be voting for today. She also went on to voice her opinion on Proposition 8 and 4 in California saying that her fans should vote against it.

She wrote, "I cannot say how important it is for everyone to get out there and vote. The future of our country depends on it. Just one vote can make such a difference. Vote - because your thoughts are worth it. VOTE - because YOU can make this country a better place. VOTE - because you can. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hopefully some of her fans will actually read it today and get themselves to the polls.