Lindsay Vs. Rehab Worker: Who Do You Believe?

December 22, 2010 By:
Lindsay Vs. Rehab Worker: Who Do You Believe?

This Lindsay Lohan drama has turned into a soap opera in a matter of 24 hours. Now Lilo is getting super dramatic and saying the Betty Ford worker made her cry.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is telling her friends that Dawn Holland grabbed her and pushed her so hard that she started crying, which is why she called the cops. She says she actually asked for Holland to give her a breathalyzer, but Holland refused. And apparently Lilo is sticking by her story because there are surveillance tapes to prove everything.

Rehab Staffer Fired After Lindsay Incident

Meanwhile, Holland (whose job title was “Chemical Dependancy Technician” until yesterday) is sticking by her story that Lindsay was drunk when she came back to Betty Ford, jumped a wall to sneak in, and started rattling off curses when she got caught.

Holland says Lindsay refused to do the breathalyzer and then pushed her. Holland says she went back in the house and Lindsay called 911 on the house phone.

Lindsay Lohan to Rehab Staffer: Watch Your Back!

Holland says she picked up another house phone to speak with 911, and Lindsay confronted her again and ripped the phone out of her hand, causing a severe sprain which caused Holland to go out on workers' comp. Holland says she could smell alcohol on Lindsay's breath.

Lindsay says, “I did not touch the woman.”

Ok, so someone’s lying. Either this lady is as crazy as Lilo and is faking her whole injury to get her fifteen minutes, or Lindsay is conveniently leaving out information. Who do you believe???