Lindsay Violates Probation By Going to Bar

January 13, 2011 By:
Lindsay Violates Probation By Going to Bar

Lindsay Lohan can never say no to a good party.

Lilo was out partying until 1AM last night and needed a police escort to get home! Yup, that's where our tax dollars are going.

She partied with friends last night at Hal's Bar & Grill in Venice then invited them back to her Venice beach house for after hours.

She's still on probation for her DUI, so she's not even allowed to go to a bar! It's like she's asking to be thrown back in jail and get slapped with more mandatory rehab.

When she posted bail back in September, Judge Elden Fox made it very clear that she wasn't allowed to step foot in a bar.

Judge Fox told her she's not allowed to hang with known drug users and has to stay away from clubs or anywhere that alcohol is the "chief item of sale."

You just got out of rehab, give the bars a rest!