Lindsay Tries to Set the Record Straight; Sounds Crazy Doing It

April 29, 2010 By:
Lindsay Tries to Set the Record Straight; Sounds Crazy Doing It

Lindsay Lohan, who in her head is always the victim, called into KISS Fm yesterday to complain to JoJo Wright about her life, her father and the tabloids.

Lindsay has several paparazzi's on speed dial and often gives them her schedule so she can make sure she's photographed every day, but still felt the need to complain about them. She of course also claimed not to be a party girl and a bad influence on her younger sister Ali. Who you kidding Linds? We don't buy it for minute!

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Check out the excerpts from Lindsay's interview below and tell us your thoughts. Do you believe her?

On the tabloid and paparazzi attention:
"I don't really pay attention to it, it's nonsense. I don't know why I'm such a target but I think there's a big misconception of who I am as a person. It's a very build you up to take you down industry."

On recent work and projects:
"I'm working hard, I'm doing my clothing line, I'm starting a movie soon, I'm producing some shows, I've been working a lot."

On allegations that she parties too much:
"It's not a crime to go and have fun with your friends. I actually haven't been out in over a week."

On how she perceives herself: "Aside from the father drama, which is just nuts, I'm a nice person, I work hard, I just really love entertaining people and this is what I came into this business for. Not in terms of the tabloids lying about how I'm entertaining them, but you know, I kind of let it roll off my back at this point. I'm pretty numb to it."

On accusations that she's a bad influence on her 16 year old sister Ali Lohan: "My sister is fine and she is in school."

On what her father Michael Lohan has said in the press about her:"I think some of it is just foul...some of the things that get said especially from my dad. No one should ever have to worry about their father saying that publicly about them. It distracts from the work that I'm doing and it only builds negative press and that's why it really hurts me. My mom is an amazing woman and she's been put through hell by him, so anything he says about her is completely false."

Final words: "I've been through a lot and everyone goes through a lot in their life, but that's what life is, nobody's perfect."