Lindsay to Tell All on Oprah

September 9, 2010 By:
Lindsay to Tell All on Oprah

Lindsay Lohan has agreed to appear on Oprah. According to, the talk show queen is still negotiating with Lohan’s people on the appearance, but it’s looking like it will happen.

The outcome is "looking very good" the source said.

"Things are heating up in a good way," the source added. "Definitely some good conversations. We're crossing our fingers it works out for Oprah's last season."

A source close to Lohan said there are several different outlets that want Lindsay for her tell-all. "Several entities are being considered, and no decision has been made and won't be for awhile."

Insiders say Oprah’s people initiated the talks with Lindsay’s team. A rep for the show said, “Nothing has been planned,” in regards to Lindsay making an appearance.

We think this is a perfect outlet for Lindsay. Oprah is always fair to her guests on her show, but she’s also able to dedicate an entire hour to one person. That’s what Lindsay needs; but we hope she’s not going to pull a Dina and blame everyone else. We’re looking forward to this episode!