Lindsay to Secretly Exit Rehab Today

August 24, 2010 By:
Lindsay to Secretly Exit Rehab Today

Lindsay Lohan has reportedly signed her discharge papers to get out of rehab! But as far as we know, she’s still at UCLA.

According to, the papers have been signed, which will allow Lindsay to exit rehab as early as today! This is apparently part of a secret plan to release her early to avoid a media frenzy.

It was previously reported that a court hearing would occur tomorrow, and there’s no word on whether that will still happen. But sources say an exit strategy is already in place—including a three-car decoy to get her out of UCLA and back home.

Once she is out of rehab, Lilo will continue outpatient treatment at UCLA two to three times per week. She has already reportedly petitioned to be allowed to travel to New York in September, where her mother claims will be her new home.

Can the media be outsmarted? You know paps are staked out at the rehab facility just waiting for her to leave! Stay tuned…