Lindsay to Face the Judge Today!

July 6, 2010 By:
Lindsay to Face the Judge Today!

Lindsay Lohan will be heading to court this morning to face the judge that doesn't seem to like her that much.

Lindsay spent her Monday completing the alcohol education classes which will make it harder to send Lindsay to jail.

The District Attorney will also be in court and she will most like ask the judge for the records of the court-ordered alcohol program.

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Danette Meyers, the D.A. told that the "alcohol education program has failed to provide... records about her attendance, meetings, and progress reports.

"The state-authorized program is citing HIPPA and Title IX as to reasons for not turning over the documents -- I have never had this happen with an alcohol education program involving anyone," Meyers said. "This is a state-authorized program, and these are routine and common requests.

"The alcohol education program is coming to court this morning with their own lawyers to object to the subpoena I served them with," she added. "It will probably be one of the first issues we deal with in court. The program is saying that they want me to look at the documents in closed court, and that the copies of the documents be destroyed immediately, and I will object to that."

Not only does the judge in Lindsay's case seem to not like her, but the D.A. definitely has it out for her. They're just probably sick of seeing this girl who thinks she's above the law.