Lindsay Takes 10 Drug and Alcohol Tests--The Results

January 18, 2011 By:
Lindsay Takes 10 Drug and Alcohol Tests--The Results

As part of Lindsay Lohan’s probation she had to agree to get random drug and alcohol tests at least twice a week. What a drag, right?

Well good news is she’s passed the last ten with flying colors.

Lindsay’s dad Michael tells Hollyscoop, “Lindsay is doing four or five tests a week and she has passed all of them.”

Lindsay Going to AA with Dad

If she failed even one test it’s back to the slammer for Lilo. Each failed test will result in 30 days behind bars, so that one drink really isn’t worth it.

Over the weekend Michael told Hollyscoop that he’s been attending AA classes with Lindsay. “We went to an AA meeting last night then went home and had a quiet night,” he told HS on Saturday.

She was out at a bar in Venice with her friends last weekend, which was a direct violation of her probation, but at least now she know she wasn't throwing back shots like they were going out of style.