Lindsay Surrenders Herself to Jail

July 20, 2010 By:
Lindsay Surrenders Herself to Jail

Lindsay Lohan just arrived to the courthouse in Beverly Hills to surrender herself to jail. Unsurprisingly she was late getting there, but since traffic is pretty bad in the morning in LA, we’ll cut her some slack.

Lilo arrived in a black SUV along with her former lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley. Perhaps this means she’s going to be representing Lindsay again, seeing as though Robert Shapiro quit on her last night.

We hear Holley was already going to be in court this morning repping another client, and decided to be by Lindsay’s side this morning. She even delayed the other client until the afternoon! In addition, Holley never even withdrew her paperwork to quit the case. So Holley is still, in fact, Lohan’s lawyer.

Lindsay seemed relatively calm upon her arrival, wearing a t-shirt and jeans. But one look on her face shows how nervous she is to head to jail.

Surprisingly, Judge Marsha Revel didn't allow any cameras to continue rolling as Lindsay was put into handcuffs inside the courtroom, although we did hear audio.

More details to come…