Lindsay Still Facing Jail Time for Multiple Missed Alcohol Classes

July 6, 2010 By:
Lindsay Still Facing Jail Time for Multiple Missed Alcohol Classes

Lindsay Lohan may be off the hook for her SCRAM bracelet going off, but she’s still in hot water over missing multiple alcohol education classes. Her absences are a direct violation of her probation.

Two people took the stand in the case—first was Beryl Washington, who is the office manager at the Right On program. The next witness to come up was co-owner of the program Cheryl Marshall.

Lindsay Lohan Jail

Marshall was clearly uncomfortable up on the stand, and slowly but surely told the court what we all know—that Lindsay didn’t take her classes seriously, and missed seven different times. Seven!

Marshall called Lindsay’s excuses "endless and disrespectful,” including one time when she asked for a leave of absence when she had actually already left town for New York, and then Europe. Another excuse was to go to her uncle’s funeral in NY—it was later determined that she never even went to the funeral.

Judge to Decide if Lindsay Will Go to Jail

Stay tuned, because Lindsay is anything but in the clear. She faces immediate jail time if the judge determines that she hasn't fully complied with her probation terms from her three-year drug and alcohol case.

Watching the live video from the hearing makes one thing very clear—Lindsay clearly thinks she did nothing wrong. She continues to makes sour faces every time the prosecutor talks about her indiscretions. It’s like she’ll never learn, so we say throw her behind bars!