Lindsay Still Faces Jail Time for Rehab Fight

January 4, 2011 By:
Lindsay Still Faces Jail Time for Rehab Fight

Lindsay Lohan may be out of rehab, but she is not in the clear just yet.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is believed to have violated her probation when she got into the scuffle with the Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland.

Lindsay Lohan Moving Next to Ex-Girlfriend

If the Riverside County District Attorney convinces the Beverly Hills judge handling Lindsay’s case, she could go right back to the slammer!

The funny part is that Holland doesn’t even want to pursue a criminal case against Linds (why, I don’t know), but the case is being submitted to the D.A. regardless because the authorities believe she committed battery, and as a result violated her probation.

Lindsay Released from Rehab

Girlfriend may have gotten special treatment in rehab, but I’m pretty sure she’s pissed off one too many cops and court officials to get away with this.

Stay tuned!