Lindsay Still Crying Up a Storm in Jail

July 22, 2010 By:
Lindsay Still Crying Up a Storm in Jail

Lindsay Lohan got her first visitor yesterday--her fame hungry mother Dina Lohan and her 16 going on 60 sister Ali Lohan.

Lindsay reportedly burst into tears when she saw her mom and sister. A source said: "Tears were shed.

"The visit was very emotional, but Lindsay's spirits were lifted when she saw her mom and sister. Dina seemed relieved to see Lindsay and that she was staying strong.”

Lindsay wasn't supposed to have her first visitor until Saturday, so the detention centre could face criticism for allowing her to be visited so early.

Law enforcement officials said: "Lindsay might get visitors after the official visiting hours are over for the other inmates for security reasons. It's for the safety of everyone."

Every time they bend the rules for a celebrity they use the "safety for everyone" card. But hold the tears Linds, you have more visitors on the way. Her ex Samantha Ronson has been cleared to visit, but her estranged dad Michael Lohan has been placed on a black list. That's too bad, it would have made for good entertainment.