Lindsay: Samantha Never Raised a Hand to Me

February 9, 2010 By:
Lindsay: Samantha Never Raised a Hand to Me

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson may not be dating anymore, but they're definitely still in contact. Earlier this week, a rumor came out that Sam was being physically abusive to Lindsay.

Now both girls have taken to their Twitters to dispel the story. Lindsay first tweeted, This is become a bit much*Samantha R never raised a hand to me, I've never said she did* Enough is Enough. Focus on other more important...."

Sam then tweeted her own message to the public, writing, "To ANYONE who perpetuates this rumour accusing me of being violently abusive after @lindsaylohan has denied it: I WILL take legal action."

Lindsay then retweeted Sam's message on her own page for all her followers to see, and told Sam in a separate tweet, "You are welcome ;)."

It truly does seem like Lindsay is trying hard to eliminate the drama in her life, much of which stemmed from her relationship with Sam. Whatever their status currently is, it seems they've both gotten to a point where they can communicate without fighting.

The only problem is that the general public only sees them as the tumultuous couple they once were! We don't think we'll ever fully believe that Lindsay and Sam have a "healthy" relationship.