Lindsay’s Dad Attacks Lawyer

March 18, 2013 By:
Lindsay’s Dad Attacks Lawyer
Image By: Splash News

Anyone catching TMZ's post-trial press conference on Lindsay Lohan’s Monday sentencing was welcomed to a sour-sweet surprise.

Shaky camerawork followed Lindsay's lawyer Mark Heller as he began his speech. About two questions into his spiel—including such topics as why the change of heart at accepting the plea deal that he previously refused—in swooped Michael Lohan to steal the show.

The Lohan patriarch barged out of the camera crowd, waving a fiery finger in Heller’s direction.

“Why are you still here? Why are you still here?” Michael demanded.

Heller soon retreated into the shadows, and Michael proceeded to take over the press conference. WTF!

His side of the story is that Heller is a fraud and he has been taking advantage of Lindsay from the start. “It was only until some pressure was put on him,” Michael commanded into the pirated mics, that Heller finally agreed to the plea deal.

Michael then vowed to have Heller’s license revoked and said he was going home to his fiancé and kids.

“Lindsay is a good girl,” he concluded.