Lindsay Relocating to NYC

March 30, 2011 By:
Lindsay Relocating to NYC

Just when New York City was lowering its crime rate, Lindsay Lohan has decided to move to the Big Apple.

Earlier this week, Lohan was cleared of all charges in her criminal battery investigation, and I guess she's pretty confident about the outcome of her grand theft trial. Because her mom, Dina Lohan, confirms:

"She will be in New York a lot more going forward. She's actively looking for places in the city with her younger brother Michael."

Maybe a fresh start will be good for Lindsay. She'll get to check out new museums, make new friends, see what the inside of the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse looks like…

"She loves it here," Dina says. "And she has a lot of friends who already have places, so she might sublet."

Lock your doors, New Yorkers.

First Lindsay wants to drop her surname, now she's threatening to move across the country? Sounds like someone's having an identity crisis. But if my identity was "a Lohan", I guess I'd be in a crisis, too.