Lindsay Released from Rehab

January 3, 2011 By:
Lindsay Released from Rehab

UPDATE: Turns out Lilo is still in rehab! In an exclusive statement to Gossip Cop, Lindsay said, “I didn’t leave [rehab],” adding that she’s now “going to the gym.”

She also corrected the rumor that she was moving. “Im not moving from my apartment… That’s not true either.”


Get off the road and keep your children inside! Lindsay Lohan is officially out of rehab! reports that Lilo was released from Betty Ford this morning after spending 90 days there.

Lindsay Out of Rehab? Not So Fast

Dina Lohan is already running her mouth, asking people to back the f**k off her daughter. She told, "I thank everyone for their support, but I ask as a mother that she be given the time and space she needs."

I love how she's thanking everyone for this alleged "support." I don't know a single person who has been trying to support Lindsay. All we've been doing is criticizing her every move, even while in rehab.

Lindsay Lohan Moving to the Shore

As for where she's headed now, there's been about a bazillion reports--anything from Linds moving to Venice Beach, to now Long Island.

One insider says,
"They all might return to Long Island. Lindsay doesn't have any projects at the moment, so she'll focus on her fashion line."

Time will tell if she's going to make 2011 the year she stops messing around and starts acting like an adult!