Lindsay Raising Hell Over SCRAM

June 25, 2010 By:
Lindsay Raising Hell Over SCRAM

Lindsay Lohan is pretty much going crazy as a result of her SCRAM. And she’s making everyone’s lives around her a living hell.

According to TMZ, Lilo is “filled with anxiety” as a result of having to wear the monitoring device, and is “climbing the walls.”

Well do you blame the girl?! She’s used to snorting and drinking away her anxiety every night, and now her only escape is the little can that “gives you wings!”

Lindsay Forced to Come Clean About Cocaine

But sources say the root of the problem is that the SCRAM device is irritating her skin. One person said, "She's made life hell for the people around her, since she is in pretty bad pain."

Multiple sources also say people have told Lindsay she can't get a spray tan while she's wearing the bracelet, because a chemical in the tanning solution can create a reading which would show the presence of alcohol.

Lindsay's Former Assistant To Tell All?

But Lindsay, being her defiant old self, is still getting spray tanned a couple times a week.

Apparently now she’s lobbying to get the bracelet off for her birthday, which is July 2nd. But her hearing isn’t until July 6th, so we highly doubt that is going to happen! Judge Revel isn’t exactly a fan of Lindsay’s, and knows removing the SCRAM will equal a lot of birthday shots for Lohan.

What’s sad is that even through all this, she’s still acting like the victim!