Lindsay Promotes Bad Tans and Freckles

December 28, 2010 By:
Lindsay Promotes Bad Tans and Freckles

Lindsay Lohan is less than a week away from being released from Betty Ford, but the girl has been busy getting bad tans working for the last month.

New photos of Lindsay surfaced online from a shoot that was done with Benn Jae.

Lindsay got approval for the shoot from the Betty Ford peeps, and the photos were taken in the Palm Springs area back in November.

The two things that came to mind when I first saw the photos (more after the jump) were orange skin and freckles.

It's a good thing the shoot wasn't to promote her tanning line, because that sh*t would go bankrupt after these photos.

Get rid of the orange glow Linds, it's never been and will never be flattering.