Lindsay Pleads Not Guilty; Asks to Go to Trial

February 23, 2011 By:
Lindsay Pleads Not Guilty; Asks to Go to Trial

Judge Schwartz may want Lindsay Lohan behind bars, but she's not ready to go back to the slammer yet.

Lindsay showed up to court today with her lawyer Shawn Holley. The Judge gave Lindsay until March 10 to accept a plea deal in a grand larceny case, in which she is accused of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a local jewelry store.

"This case does involve jail time period," Schwartz told Lindsay Wednesday morning. According to TMZ, the Judge wants her to do six months behind bars.

"If you plead in front of me, you are going to jail. Period. There may be an issue with amount of time, and that is why a judge has discretion you will be going to jail."

The Judge even asked for psychological evaluation. "I don’t want you to be a repeat offender, I want you to get on with your life, reach your potential and quit causing yourself additional stress," he said. "I want additional psychological information as to what other probation might be appropriate."

Lindsay is still sticking to her "I'm innocent" claims and will go to trial. She's due back in court on March 10, 2011.

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