Lindsay Picks Orange County Rehab

September 29, 2010 By:
Lindsay Picks Orange County Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly getting treatment at a rehab facility in Orange County. The name of the center has not been disclosed, but sources tell that’s where she currently is.

A source from the rehab said, “She is with us for the time being. We expect her to stay for the full 90 days, however she could bounce because there is no court order ensuring that she has to stay.”

Another rehab source says they hope this time makes a difference. “Hopefully we will be able to make a difference,” the source said. “If she makes it through the first couple weeks, she should be ok.”

Michael Lohan told Hollyscoop/> what he wants for this daughter. “If Lindsay stays in for a long period of time and she gets family therapy with Dina and I, then she has a shot,” said Michael. “Lindsay and I went to therapy together when she was at Cirque Lodge and Dina went with Lindsay. But against the wishes of the doctors, therapist and lawyers, Dina refuses to go with Lindsay and me.”

He went on to bash his ex-wife saying, “According to one highly regarded therapist, Dina is a narcissist…she cannot admit any of wrongs. She can not take responsibility. And she always will find a way to blame others for the things she does.”

“Lindsay was a very strong young lady,” Michael says of his daughter. “But the people around her have made her feel that she is week and dependent on them. She always had Dina and me, but since Dina put walls between us she feels alone. She always needs someone with her. Her heart is huge. She is gifted and if things are done as they should be, she will rebound better than ever.

“It's all on Dina to get this right, but I her that her new found friendship with Lou Taylor will only hurt Lindsay. They need to stop trying to control her and my relationship with her.”

Funny enough, Dina has been awful quiet lately! The whole “Lindsay is fine” act isn’t really believable anymore!