Lindsay Paying for Beefed Up Security at Rehab

October 4, 2010 By:
Lindsay Paying for Beefed Up Security at Rehab

Everywhere Lindsay Lohan goes, the paparazzi follow. So it’s no surprise security has been beefed up at the Betty Ford Clinic since Lilo arrived.

And according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Linds is footing the bill for the heightened security.

Lohan is helping the clinic pay for the extra staff they need around to ''to cope with all the paparazzi lurking around -- trying to get one of those 'money' shots to sell to the tabloids,” says an insider.

A source also says Lindsay hasn’t been interacting very much with other patients. She has been “doing everything she should be doing -- so far,” says the source, adding ''she has been a bit stand-offish with other patients and staff. But then, given all she's been through, that's understandable.''

We also hear Lindsay has deleted her old friends who were a bad influence on her out of her phone. 'This was something Lindsay knew she had to do, and Dina [her mom] has been very supportive of that,” says the insider.

''Along with going to Betty Ford -- which we know Judge Fox is going to feel was a good move -- Lindsay has to convince him that she finally and truly is leaving her old habits and lifestyle behind her.''

Sadly, one month isn’t going to change her. We hope the judge orders her to stay in one of the clinic’s sober living houses for a few months after she’s done. That is, if he doesn’t send her back to jail!