Lindsay Parties With John Mayer

December 1, 2009 By:
Lindsay Parties With John Mayer

We know John Mayer is a ladies man, but is he really hooking up with Lindsay Lohan? Eyewitnesses spotted the two hanging out last night in New York City!

Lindsay and John reportedly hit up hotspot Butter and were not only seen dancing in the nightclub, but sharing a table together as well.

Sources say Lindsay was looking at John like a little puppy dog, but the feeling wasn’t reciprocal on his end.

"She would follow his every move," the source tells E! News. "He would dance with the waitresses and then come back. She was way into it."

The eyewitness says while John downed shots of Belvedere vodka, Lindsay opted out—at least while people were looking anyway! But they must have been enjoying each other’s company a little bit because they partied at Butter until 3am.

No word on whether or not John and Lindsay left together, and his rep replied with a “no comment” when asked why they were hanging out together.

Lindsay went straight to her Twitter account to recall the experience, writing to John, “shhhhhhhhhhhhhh butter-face :).”

Awww, cute. They have an inside joke now.