Lindsay Parties Til 4:30AM, Can't Walk Straight

April 15, 2010 By:
Lindsay Parties Til 4:30AM, Can't Walk Straight

Lindsay Lohan has literally set herself up for disaster. She’s clearly reverted 100% back to her old partying ways, and there’s no way she can defend her behavior last night.

Accrording to X17 Online, Lindsay began her night of fun last night at 10PM at Chateau Marmont. By midnight, she and friends had already relocated to Bar 210, and happened to arrive at the exact time as Samantha Ronson. A source said, "Lindsay got there at the same time as Samantha, but when Sam saw her, she was very quick to go inside."

And apparently Lilo was already lit up at that point. An eyewitness says she couldn’t even walk on her own. The insider continues, “Lindsay could barely walk straight. She was seriously a mess. She was obviously coming to stalk Samantha, who was DJing, and they ignored each other the whole night, even though Lindsay danced like a wild woman in front of the DJ booth. She looked ridiculous - her dress would fly up and show her bare bottom and she didn't even care. She was drinking and smoking in the club, and she looked happy one minute and pissed off another - very manic.”

And when you’re Lindsay Lohan, you don’t go home just because the bar closes. She and friends stumbled into their car at 2:30AM and headed to an afterparty in the Hollywood Hills, where they stayed and partied til 4:30 in the morning, not long before most of us were getting up to do a little thing called work!

X17 has the disturbing pics of Lindsay clinging to a security guard for dear life, as well as cocktails being drunk inside the car. Did they seriously steal that from the bar?? Unfortunately, we agree with Dr. Drew on this one—Lindsay is getting to the point that she may be beyond saving.