Lindsay Parties Three Late Nights in a Row

February 26, 2010 By:
Lindsay Parties Three Late Nights in a Row

Lindsay Lohan, will you ever learn? Just days after opening up about her past problems to the Sun newspaper, and adding that those days are behind her, Lindsay is back to her old ways.

She’s currently back in Los Angeles, and back to partying every night of the week. According to People, Lohan has been out the last three nights. Not exactly what we’d expect for someone trying to revamp their tarnished image.

Sources say Lindsay kicked off the week by going to Teddy's, where Samantha Ronson happened to be spinning that night. Lindsay proceeded to request a table near Ronson and was denied. She was "a total mess," a witness says. "She looked really drunk when she arrived and seemed so out of it.”

Things continued at nightclub Bardot on Tuesday, with Lindsay reportedly arrived after 1am. But Sam made sure Lindsay stayed away, by asking security to stay by her side all night. "She wouldn't leave, and at the end of the night, you could tell she was waiting for Sam," the source says, adding that Lohan texted her ex, who ignored the message.

"They never talked at all, though, and Sam was definitely avoiding [her]," the source says.

Strike three occurred Wednesday night at Chateau Marmont. Eyewitnesses say Lindsay was acting “aloof” – though this time Sam wasn't there. Now Lindsay’s friends are speaking up. “She needs help. She needs to solve her problems," a source close to the star says. "She’s just not taking care of herself."

We all know what Michael Lohan thinks about his daughter! And now her friends are finally speaking out, as well as Samantha Ronson. When will Lindsay learn that no one believes her “sober” act? She’s desperate for attention and the fame she once had. Sadly, she’s not going to find either of those things at a nightclub.