Lindsay Overseeing Handbag Line from Rehab

November 4, 2010 By:
Lindsay Overseeing Handbag Line from Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is a productive little bee in rehab!

Sources say she’s not letting her time there stump the production of her handbag line for 6126. The line’s design director Paz Shakked tells that they were able to go forward with the Spring collection even with Lilo in rehab.

"I worked with Lindsay in the beginning of the year on the production...we work around our schedules," Shakked said.

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"She is so excited. Everything is approved by Lindsay. We work together really well, we have a nice chemistry. She has her comments, I have my comments, we produce together really well I think and she's really happy with the collection."

Shakked added that she’s "working with [Lindsay] as usual.”

"I talk to her every chance I get," Shakked added. "She was so excited about the launch. She wants a full recap."

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As for what we can expect from the upcoming line? "It is very beautiful,” Shakked said. “All of the big department stores are coming over to see [the bags], everyone is very excited about the bags."

She added: "She's very creative; she has a lot of comments on the hardware. If you see the collection we have unique hardware. We have 6126, that is not just a logo on the bag, we have it in a variety of different hardwares. On one collection it is a charm, each number of 6126 is a charm.

Sounds like Lindsay found something that can occupy her time! We’re excited to see the line!