Lindsay Ordered to Appear in Court Tomorrow

October 15, 2009 By:
Lindsay Ordered to Appear in Court Tomorrow

Lindsay Lohan has just been ordered to appear in court tomorrow!

The judge from her 2007 DUI case is reportedly very concerned with the state of Lindsay well being and has summoned her to personally appear before her so she can assess matters herself.

Sources tell TMZ the judge has received information from the alcohol education program that give her reason to be concerned.

Usually in a misdemeanor case like this one, the defendant would not have to appear. But the judge must know Lindsay is a very special case.

Sounds to us like this girl is just days away from going back to rehab. We hope the judge sees through her bullsh*t!


Sources tell TMZ that the alcohol education course that Lindsay was taking as part of her probation not only contacted the court about Lindsay's conduct, they told the court she's violating the terms of the program.

If the judge determines Lindsay violated the terms of the program, her probation can be revoked and Lindsay could end up in jail.