Lindsay Opening Boutique That She Can Steal From

February 10, 2011 By:
Lindsay Opening Boutique That She Can Steal From

This is too funny to be true. Lindsay Lohan is reportedly planning on opening up her own boutique. You know, so when she steals she won't get in trouble.

Lindsay and Dina are apparently trying to open two boutiques that will feature clothing and accessories--one in Venice, CA and another in Soho, New York.

A source said: "Both Dina and Lindsay love the fashion industry and are excited to do this together.

The source added to Radaronline: "Lindsay and her mom will be looking for a place in downtown Manhattan as soon as her ban to travel has been lifted. For now she's awaiting her February 23 probation hearing and preparing for a visit from her mom and siblings."

Is this what Dina was talking about when she said "God has a plan" for Lindsay? Because God won't stop her from exercising the five-finger discount. #justsayin