Lindsay Not Invited to Her Own Movie Premiere

September 2, 2010 By:
Lindsay Not Invited to Her Own Movie Premiere

Lindsay Lohan may claim to be clean and sober and recently told Vanity Fair that she wants her career back, but it looks like she still has a lot of convincing to do.

Lindsay was disinvited from her own movie premiere, Machete, even though her appearance would have gotten them a ton of press.

The premiere was held just one day after she left rehab and Robert Rodriguez, co director of her new movie, said he didn’t want her to attend.

"He was frantically trying to track down her manager to make sure she didn’t go," a source tells US Weekly.

While a 20th Century Fox rep says it's "not true," the source tells Us Weekly, "She wasn’t welcome there."

If Lindsay wants everyone to take her seriously, she needs to really prove that she's a changed woman. She needs to stop making excuses for her bad behavior and prove that she's ready for a comeback. She's been at the Chateau Marmont almost every night since leaving rehab. Actions speak louder than words Linds!