Lindsay Not Allowed Near Sharp Objects

August 4, 2010 By:
Lindsay Not Allowed Near Sharp Objects

Lindsay Lohan may be out of jail, but she’s still sort of being treated like a prisoner. According to TMZ, Lindsay’s prohibited from having any sort of sharp object around her at any time.

Since Lindsay is technically being treated in the psychiatric unit, she gets the same treatment as the other patients there. And that means the gifts sent to her are checked beforehand as well.

A hospital source says patients can’t receive items like "balloons, breakables, and anything with sharp points."

The insider says gift givers are encouraged to stick to "soft, cuddly things."

Regardless, Lindsay isn’t receiving any gifts right now anyway! The source says, "Lots of people are calling in trying to get [LiLo] gifts ... but all of her information is restricted ... so anything you try to buy will not get to her."

Damn! Guess that life-sized Michael Lohan blow-up doll we sent her was a huge waste of time!