Lindsay to Make Millions on Post-Jail Interviews

July 22, 2010 By:
Lindsay to Make Millions on Post-Jail Interviews

Lindsay Lohan may be down in the dumps in jail right now, but she can look forward to a huge paycheck upon her exit…and we mean big.

According to Fox News, Lindsay spent her last few days of freedom wisely—securing TV and news deals for interviews after her release. Sources say she’s locked in numerous tell-all interviews already, and will likely make seven figures once all is said and done.

"On Monday night, the night before she had to report to jail to serve her sentence, she tied up all loose ends and signed contracts for exclusive television and print stories," a industry source says. "She'll be doing major television sit downs after she finishes all of her sentence. Lindsay is going to tell everything about her experience in jail, she will open up about her entire life."

In addition, mom Dina Lohan is rumored to be a part of the interviews as well, but not Michael Lohan.

"Dina was a part of the team that brokered all the deals. They made phone calls, and set up the interviews within three days," the source says. "They wanted to get it all done before she was remanded to Lynwood and they did. It is a small solace to Lindsay while in jail that at least she can continue to make money in some way."

Lindsay’s friends say Lindsay is having a really hard time in jail, but they think it’s good for her. " Everyday is a struggle to stay positive, but we all believe that she will be stronger when she finishes her sentence. This is the beginning of a long road that will put her on the right path," said one friend.

Of course Dina has weaseled her way into Lindsay’s interviews! We’d expect nothing less from her! As for Lindsay, we’re actually impressed she brokered those deals before being thrown in jail!