Lindsay Lowdown: Rejects $500K DWTS Offer

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Lindsay Lowdown: Rejects $500K DWTS Offer
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As is normally the case, things have only gotten worse for Lindsay Lohan this week.

Based on the latest headlines, she is either hell-bent on never getting hired for anything again, or going to prison… Or both!

Here’s the latest on her shenanigans…

DWTS:  The casting directors over at ABC’s long-running dance competition show, “Dancing With the Stars,” seem to have made it their life’s mission to get Lindsay to agree to appear on the series.

After previous rumors from seasons past that Lindsay was being considered as the next big name B-lister to appear on the show, a new report has birthed itself out of the Hollywood gossip world that she was offered another spot on the show.

According to TMZ, though, LiLo rejected the new offer, just like she rejected previous offers. This time she could have pulled in $550,000 for the appearance, which would have come in handy for all that tax money she still owes. 

Unlike posing for Playboy and appearing in a Kickstarter-funded film, apparently “DWTS” is beneath her, though. If only she could see past her massive ego to discover that she has no other work lined up.

Hollyscoop has reached out to the show, who refused to comment. 

Banned for Life: Lindsay had a lot of parties in her room when she was staying at the W Hotel in NYC. And, according to new reports, her favorite party game to play is “Burn Holes in the Carpet With Cigarettes.”

The hotel where she stayed is still cleaning up from when the Lindz sh*tstorm blew through. She reportedly did $50,000 in damages and moving forward will not be allowed back to ANY W Hotel in NYC ever.

Forgotten Love: According to the New York Post’s Page Six, Demi Moore has moved in on Harry Morton, a man that Lindsay was once romantically tied to. 

The new couple has so far denied that anything is going on, but a source tells the gossip tracker that Demi and Harry were seen holding hands in Los Angeles. 

Harry has reportedly gone on record saying that dating Lindsay was, “the worst thing of all time,” so Demi doesn’t have much to live up to.

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