Lindsay Lohan's Probation Will Be Revoked

November 20, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Probation Will Be Revoked

In light of Lindsay Lohan’s most recent charge of lying to police (remember when she hit that truck in Santa Monica over the summer and said she wasn’t driving the car when she really was), well the judge is going to revoke her probation from her jewelry theft case.

What does this mean for Lindsay? Bad news. That’s what that means.

It’s a criminal offense to lie to a police officer and sources have told TMZ that Santa Monica city will file a criminal case against Lindsay, it will go to LA County Superior Judge, who will revoke Lindsay’s probation and set a full hearing on the “lying to police” charges and the violation of her probation.

Also, the sassy judge Stephanie Sautner from the jewelry case will not be involved. Lindsay’s probation case and Lindsay’s next criminal case will be heard by a new judge. This is probably for the best, Judge Sautner was kind of a b*tch.

Apparently the criminal case will be filed by Santa Monica city very soon.

That being said, just because Lindsay is going to make MORE appearances in court, it doesn’t mean much. She’ll probably get about 5 hours in jail and maybe a couple days worth of community service and get back to doing what she does best i.e. Not paying her bill at the Chateau Marmont and ignoring her half-sister.