Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Issue Flying Off Shelves

December 18, 2011 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Playboy Issue Flying Off Shelves

So it looks like Playboy got their moneys worth. Playboy reportedly paid Lindsay Lohan a million bucks to take it all off for their January cover, and despite the fact that the photos leaked online early, it’s doing really well.

Lindsay’s issue is doing so well, some cities like New York and Los Angeles had to re-order the issue multiple times, reports Lindsay Lohan TMZ.

And the people who were searching for the leaked photos online must have been impressed, because their online subscription got a huge increase as well. If only her movies did this well.

Lilo was scheduled to show up to the Ellen DeGeneres show to promote her new issue last week, but bailed last minute. It was in her Playboy contract to do the press on the show, but clearly her skipping out didn’t make any difference at all.

Lohan completed the photo shoot in late October, but she had to retake the photos after Hugh Hefner was reportedly unhappy with them.

Lindsay’s Marilyn Monroe inspired spread is actually classier than some of other stars who have recently graced the cover. Kim Kardashian showed off her cooch in the magazine, and surprisingly Lindsay only showed off her T&A.

And speaking of cooch, 50 Cent was really hoping to get a glimpse of Lindsay’s in this issue.

"I haven't seen it. But I always wondered what Lindsay's cooch looked like. Ever thought about it? I'll check it out and see what happens,” 50 cent admits to Hollyscoop.

50 also wonders why she was paid so much. “$1 million to pose nude is the same thing strippers do almost every day for way less.”

“How much did that cost?” 50 wonders to HS, “If they give you a million dollars, does that change the status of what you've done? If I pay a 100 dollars to see a cooch is it the same thing as paying a million dollars when you're a movie star or celebrity? The same transaction? Or is it socially different? Does it register different because of how much?”