Lindsay Lohan's Personal Storage To Be Auctioned Off

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Lindsay Lohan's Personal Storage To Be Auctioned Off
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We’ll start the bidding on this Lindsay Lohan blonde hair extension at ten dollar. Can I get ten dollar? No. 5 dollar bid? Will ya’ give me 2 dollar? One dollar bid? Free? Going once, twice, sold! SOLD to Michael Lohan in the front row for FREE!

Lindsay Lohan has apparently not paid her storage unit bill in months and owes about $16,000 to the storage company!

What does a storage company do when you don’t pay up? They auction off your sh*t.

Lindsay can’t even get into her storage unit until the bill is paid in full but since Lindsay can’t pay her nearly $300,000 IRS bill, we’re pretty sure she doesn’t have the cash to open up a locker full of her designer clothes from her Mean Girls days.

Lindsay’s bank accounts are actually frozen by the IRS until she pays them first. So, goodbye Lindsay’s storage unit, I bet that auction is gonna be FUN.

What could possibly be in Lindsay’s storage unit? Old clothes? Samantha Ronson’s beanies? A sex tape with Wilmer Valderrama?

Apparently Lindsay is asking friends and family for the cash, but she’s yet to get a response. Maybe because Charlie Sheen just gave her $100,000 and she hasn’t even sent him a “thank you” text for it.

Meanwhile, Lindsay is jet setting around the globe with The Wanted. How do you expect anyone to give you a loan when you’re just hanging out with popstars in Dubai? Hey Lindsay, get a job!