Lindsay Lohan's Moving Company Tries to Sell Photos of Her Belongings

February 13, 2012 By:
Lindsay Lohan's Moving Company Tries to Sell Photos of Her Belongings

Lindsay Lohan’s life seriously gets more and more screwed up as the days progress. Did her mom break off the short-end of the wishbone when she was pregnant with LiLo? Did a witch visit their house during a full moon and promise that Lindsay’s life is going to suck once she turns 18? Getting kicked out of community service, being kicked out of movies, stalkers, and now her movers trying to sell her out, I actually feel sorry for the girl.

In a turn of events that truly would only happen to Lohan, the moving company that moved all her stuff out of her Venice apartment is now selling photos of her stuff and is trying to “sell” information about Lindsay’s living plans, including where she plans to move and the storage facility where all her stuff is stored.

In the history of celebrities moving to new homes, never has a moving company tried to call up a tabloid and be like “wanna know where we took her furniture?”

Lindsay’s freaked out that a) her Venice Beach stalker is going to know where she is moving to and b) that people will attempt to raid her storage unit and steal her sh-t.

Especially in the wake of Lindsay having that weird stalker who tried to get into her property on New Year’s Day, Lindsay is totally freaked out.

She’s afraid the dude might follow her to her new place if word gets out on where she is moving. Or worse, he’s going to bust into the storage unit and steal all her empty bottles of wine that Lindsay likes to stack into a pile and call “art.” Lindsay is sooo one of those “save empty bottles of wine as art” type of girls.

This is just one in a series of “really?” moments with Lindsay Lohan. Earlier this week she tried to get a rich guy to buy her a $20,000 watch during an AmfAR auction and the rich guy just laughed and was like, “Who?” Then she went to an event on Saturday night and reportedly got into a fight with a random partygoer when the guest accused her of wearing a wig. To be fair, Lindsay hair is getting a little “wig-like” lately, and I should know, I watch the Wendy Williams Show everyday.